Tashkent institute of finance - free of corruption institute
Tashkent institute of finance - free of corruption institute

Korrupsiya - Kelajakka tahdid!

Appeal  of  the institute’s  team on the implementation of the  project “Tashkent institute of finance - free of corruption  institute“


Having an ancient history, unforgettable traditions and values, Uzbekistan has entered a new phase of its development today. In these noble works, the main force, factor and resources of the development is the issue of  cadres.


With the great efforts of the President of our country, the education system, including other areas of the higher education system  is experiencing a new stage of development and significant reforms are under the implementation . In particular, the material and technical base of higher education institutions is being strengthened and new generations of textbooks are being created to improve the quality of education. Special attention is paid to the improvement of the system of professional development, further increase of scientific potential, systemic organization of spiritual and educational work with young people.


At the same time, it should be noted that there are still some problematic issues in the higher education system. One of them is the corruption that threatens the development of state and society - corruption has a negative effect on the system of higher education.


In order to systematically combat this violation in our society, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 27, 2019 "On Measures for Further Improvement of the Anti-Corruption System in the Republic of Uzbekistan" Decree No-5729 was adopted .    In this Decree, from 1 st of April, 2019, the organization of implementation of the project without corruption in the initial stage of capital construction and higher education, with the involvement of public and leading experts, including foreign experts, will start from April 1, 2020, step by step implementation of the project.


To show the loyalty to the decision to increase the salaries of employees operating in the higher education system   3 times in the last year, and the timely provision of staff who are involved in scientific research  with  houses  we the staff of the institute  head  and managers of the institute ,  all teachers and professors of the Tashkent Institute of Finance are conscious of being    dedicated    and honest  to our people.  


Every member of the team of Tashkent Institute of Finance - rector, vice-rectors, deans, heads of the departments , professors and teachers - all of us are organizing educational, teaching-methodical, scientific and spiritual-enlightenment work at the modern level, we will mobilize all our efforts   to create and demonstrate the abundant talents in their innovative ideas, designs, startups and other spheres.


We promise to fight with corruption in every single sphere of the institute , every day and every time.  We will apply the anti-corruption struggle from the    admission board to the last step   ,   the student's learning from the first to the     final course, mastering the courses , graduation papers  and master's dissertations  .


Together we work with all partner organizations, public and law enforcement agencies to turn the Tashkent Institute of Finance  into a real scientific  and educational spot. On this way, we believe that our students, professors and teachers - each member of our team will be our greatest supporters.


Any member of the institute who may  committe any form of corruption - regardless of who she or he  is, and regardless of his / her position, will be punished by the  "Law Priority - punishment is inevitable". Anyone will be punished  if does not make the right conclusion  .


As a result of joint efforts of the institute’s team, we will undoubtedly do our promise.


Dear compatriots, young people and parents!


Do not become a victim or member of any tricks or fraud at all stages from the Institute's admissions process or at studying process of your own or your child's education. Remember that there is no consequence  without cause. Trust and rely on the knowledge of the   youth  . Help the representatives of education system to be engaged in learning, not time wasting  activities of  young people who are educated at the Institute. It is important to remember that the basis of the family is the basis of the society.


Let's be  a model  for other sectors to achieve fruitful results in the fight against malicious acts, such as impunity, bribery or corruption. The reason is that intelligency  is the main force that leads the society forward. The Tashkent Institute of Finance , which produces such intellegents, will  become a true place of intellegency.


Then  we  will be faithful  in front of our people, Motherland, President and Creator.



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