Project-finance department
Project-finance department

Department of project-finance department: Norqulov Akbar Baxronovich


Address: 100000 Tashkent, A.Temur Street 60A


Phone: 235-40-76



 Was born in 1979 in Narpay district of Samarkand region;


 In 2000 he graduated from the Tashkent Financial Institute on "Accounting and Audit";


 1996-2000 - student of the Tashkent Financial Institute;


 2000-2005 yy. - Inspector at Tashkent Banking College;


 2006-2007 - operator of Tashkent Financial Institute;


 2008-2010 - 1st category economist at Tashkent Financial Institute;


 2010 g. - y.h.v. - Head of the Planning and Finance Department of the Tashkent Financial Institute;


 Akbar Narkulov is currently working at the head of the "Department of Regulatory Affairs".

Depthing on the department and practice

 The "Reja-Finance" divisions make a worthy contribution to the financing of educational institutions in the transition to a market economy, including bringing the process of teaching at higher education institutions up to date, ie improving the social protection and expansion of their material and technical base. At the same time, our department has been functioning since its inception. The main purpose of our department is to provide as much as possible social protection of the staff of our Institute, to provide the necessary equipment and technology for the educational process at the highest level, to develop and implement plans to improve the living conditions of students living in their homes. Also, the main criterion of the department is to improve the economic situation of the Institute, to ensure the efficient use of funds, to implement the expenditure plans, and to prevent excessive expenditure.


 Ensuring the effectiveness of educational, research, and business activities in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the key points under the rector on financial and economic affairs of the Institute of Planning and Finance.


 Improving the activities of the Regulatory and Financial Department, drawing up budget and off-budget funds, estimation of revenues and expenditures, economic analysis, control over the proper execution of the model state schedule, and regular financing of the institute.

Structure of the Planning and Finance Department staff

 The department employs 3 people, who are:

•      Head of department;

•      I-level economist

•      Second level economist;

Functions of the Planning and Finance Department staff


  • • Implementation of tasks assigned to the department is ensured by organizational-practical work with the head of department, 1st category economist.

  • • The head of the department carries out departmental activities.

  Head of the department:


  • • Organizing, coordinating, and implementing the work of the department;

  • • Continuously monitor the timely, quality and proper performance of the tasks assigned to the work plan and other tasks of the department manager;


  • • Working in accordance with the instructions, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the economic sphere and the rector of the institute;


  • • Impose disciplinary sanctions on the employees who have been inadequate to carry out the tasks assigned to the department;


  • • Decision on spending funds on the instruction of the head of the institution, examination of orders and economic analysis;


  • • Submit to the Ministry for drafting and approving draft budget and budgetary funds;


  • • Submission of Form 3-2 on implementation of plans for staff and contingent institutions;


  • • Define the composition of the teaching staff based on the number of students per academic year upon submission of the 3-2 and 4th statistical reports.


Tasks of 1st category economist:


  • • Formulate a sample state schedule and oversee state discipline;

  • • Establish quarterly reports and submit them to the ministry and statistical agencies;


  • • Making a quarterly report to the professor-teacher and staff member, and submitting them to the ministry and statistical agencies;


  • • Transfer of the 1-D Labor Report to the Tashkent City Statistical Department quarterly, approved by the Resolution of the Goskomstat of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 18, 2014 № 4-Mb;


  • • Submission of the annual report of higher education institutions per each academic year, submitted according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On State Statistics" and approved by the Resolution of the Goskomstat from October 16, 2013 №6-MB.


  • • timely execution of tasks and instructions of the head of the department;


  • • Establish students' quota on 1-15 of each month;


  • • Access and printing of responses to messages from top-level organizations, etc.


  Tasks of 2-rank economist:


 Make sure that you receive letters and orders from UHMTs and top-level organizations without delay.



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