Human resources
Human resources

Head od department: Khaydarova Lobarhon Hamidulayevna


Contact information:


Reception days: Everyday 0900 to 1700


Phone: (99871) 234-66-58



The main tasks of the Human recources department


- Preparation and registration of labor contracts between employees, pedagogical staff and employees, job descriptions of employees and operating instructions;


- Preparation of draft orders for the hiring, transfer, dismissal of the staff of the institute staff and workers, educational and administrative staff;


- Analyze the staff-workers' residency, to improve the quality of staff and to adjust their work, use data and other performance indicators;


- Assistance in organizing the state certification of teachers and staff of the Institute and Dean and Dean Departments of the faculty;


- make suggestions to the management on the formation and use of personnel reserve of the Institute's nomenclature;


- Giving suggestions to the administration for organizing the awarding ceremony of the staff of the Institute with ministerial and network awards;


- Giving diplomas, diploma applications of bachelor's and master's degrees on the basis of the decision of the State Attestation Commission for the persons who completing the state requirements and curricula which are developed according to the requirements of the state educational standards and  identity cards to employees;


- Reception, registration and keeping of the documents received by the students in the established order;


- Registration of diplomas and graduation certificates of graduating students on the basis of regulations, normative documents;


- sends answers to inquiries of the relevant bodies on the information provided by the institute (diploma, diploma appendices and certificates), as well as to all requests of the Institute;


- creates an information-analytical database of bachelor's, master's degrees graduates of the institute on the issuance of certificates of identity of the graduates who have mastered all the subjects of the state education standards and curriculum, and the state-approved diplomas and personnel.

Functions of the department staff

- selection of administrative and technical, administrative and administrative staff of the rector's nomenclature with staff of the institute on the basis of selection and labor law norms;


- organization of timely recruitment of employees of the institute affiliated with the rector's nomenclature, other permanent employment and termination of labor contract, as well as submission of documents for approval of the staff of the highest administrative unit;


- control of students 'and employees' personal documents;


- control of statistical and personal accounts of institute employees based on normative documents;


- control over carrying out work record keeping in compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;


- direct managing of the personnel of personnel department and attached archives and archives;


- making decisions on hiring, other permanent remuneration, termination of employment contract, compliance with labor legislation;


- to participate in the organization of control of employees' compliance with labor discipline and internal labor regulations in cooperation with the trade union association;


- Attendance of the attestation commission of the Institute;


- participation in organizing personnel reserve;


- Preparation of a list of pedagogical staff and employees who are selected for the selection of teachers and staff and selection of vacancies;


- participation in the tariff commission and preparation of draft orders for the establishment of salaries to the staff of the institute, as well as preparation of documents for the establishment of pension benefits for employees of the Institute and their families, as well as their representation to social security institutions;


- Providing identity cards and information to all employees of the institute (procedure for issuing and appointing is conducted by the rector).


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